Medident offers excellence in esthetic dentistry in the centre of Helsinki. The treatments of esthetic dentistry have been developed to improve your smile by repairing a chipped, cracked or discoloured tooth or a tooth
in an incorrect position.

The most common methods of esthetic dentistry include orthodontic treatments, dental laminates, dental implants and whitening of teeth.

Dr. Seppo Lindroos is the head and founding member of dental clinic Medident. He has over thirty years experience of demanding dentistry and he is the only Finnish dentist who has passed the high-level certification requirements concerning esthetic dentistry set by the recognised
European society ESCD (European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry).

Esthetic dentistry brings you beautiful smile irrespective of age

With the ageing of the population there are more and more people who miss one or several teeth or whose teeth are in poor condition which makes their smile less attractive. The dental arch may also become cramped with age and the teeth in an incorrect position.

However, thanks to modern dentistry there are no obstacles to take care of these problems easily and without pain – irrespective of age.

The advanced techniques enable us to replace teeth with dental implants, to straighten teeth with clear aligners, and to shape teeth with ceramic dental laminates or crowns at any age.

The newest techniques can return the smile of your younger days and it is easier than you believe. We cannot stop ageing, but it does not mean we have to accept all changes brought by age. We can return your youthful smile.

Below you can read about a few treatment alternatives for enhancing your smile.

Dental implants will return your beautiful smile irrespective of age

One missing tooth can already spoil a beautiful smile and cause changes in the bite balance. The missing of several teeth will weaken the ability to bite and may prevent the intake of a balanced diet. Often this balance has been lost due a missing tooth or old, detached fillings.

A dental implant is the most durable and long-term method to replace
prevent the loss of other teeth.

Dental implants can also cure problems related to the functioning and
patients’ self-confidence and improve the quality of their life.

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Orthodontic treatment irrespective of age

Teeth have a tendency to move from their positions during the entire lifetime of a person. Small shifting can become worse over the years and  impair the person’s appearance. Crowding can also move teeth from the row and cause the bite to change and thus cause problems.

Teeth can be corrected at any age and nowadays also without the traditional braces. Clear, easily removable aligners are manufactured with computer-controlled technique. In many cases, the teeth can be straightened almost unnoticeable in a couple of months.

Dental laminates

A natural and beautiful smile is one of the most desired features, but unfortunately many people suffer from the poor condition
and appearance of their teeth. The teeth may be worn, their colour may be unsatisfactory, they may be cracked or in the wrong position.

Ceramic laminate veneers, in other words, dental laminates will give the best result esthetically and an attractive smile.

Dental laminates are manufactured individually for each patient and therefore it is impossible to distinguish their colour from the colour
of the original tooth.

It is possible to correct the colour of highly darkened teeth to a beautifully white colour. Incorrect positioning of the teeth and gaps can also be corrected with dental laminates.

The end result of this esthetic dentistry will be naturally beautiful teeth. 

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Ceramic crowns and bridges

Teeth grinding, changed bite, old fillings and cavities may lead to lowering of the bite or cracking and chipping of the teeth.

Crowns and bridges are used when a tooth has been chipped, has several cavities or has been extracted.

The original form and functioning of a single damaged tooth can be restored with a crown, whereas one or several teeth can be replaced with a bridge.

Whitening of teeth

The fastest way to enhance your smile is professional whitening. Whitening will remove discolourings and return the original freshness of your smile.