Dental implants

Offer: Dental implants now starting from 1250 €.

Keski-ikäinen nainen, jolla on hyvät hampaat. Puuttuva hammas voidaan korvata kivuttomasti.

Dental implant

A dental implant or an artificial root is a titanium screw that is installed into the jawbone in order to replace a missing tooth. An individually manufactured crown is attached on the implant to make the tooth look and feel natural again. 

With dental implants it is possible to safely and painlessly replace one or multiple missing teeth. The end result looks and feels pretty muc like a natural tooth. Dental Clinic Medident is a pioneer in dental implant treatments in Finland. We have a vast experience in implant dentistry and we place hundreds of dental implants yearly.

A well maintained dental implant is a long term solution for replacing missing teeth.

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Dental implants can replace missing teeth quickly and without pain. We use only premium quality Italian dental implants.

Campaign: Dental implants now from 1250 €.

Please note that this is the starting price. Many factors affect the difficulty and total cost of the treatment. You will get an accurate price at the free counsultation visit.

Puuttuva hammas

Why should you replace a missing tooth?

Teeth have many important jobs. With teeth we chew and fine our food and they are a part of the process of talking and supporting cheeks and lips. A missing tooth will weaken the chewing ability, impact creating of certain sounds and result in aesthetic harm.

Missing teeth will result in more strain for the rest of the teeth. Missing tooth will leave a gap in the dental arch. This will result in next door – and opposite teeth moving which will result in occlusion imbalance and also problems and pain in the jaw. When there are too little teeth in the occlusion, teeth can also wear heavily. It is especially important to replace a removed back tooth because the biting powers are especially strong in the back of teeth.

Implant treatment

Implant treatment starts with a consultation and a proper treatment plan. Prerequisite for a successful implant treatment is that the client has enough jawbone. First we will do a complete research of client’s dental structure and occlusion. There is also a radiography done. On top of the traditional panorama picture we might also do a 3D – computer tomography, with which we will get a wide outlook on the amount, structure and shape of the jawbone.

Implant treatment has a surgical and prosthetic phases. In surgical phase we will attach artificial roots, implants to the jawbone. After this, in the prosthetic phase, we will build crowns and other prosthetic structures on top of the implant. 

Below is an outline of a normal implant treatment:

1. visit: Installing the implant into the jawbone after which we will wait for the implant to integrate into the bone for about 3-4 months.

2. visit: Scanning of the dentition for the implant crown.

3. visit: Installing the final crown on the implant about 2-3 weeks after the scanning.

Normally the treatment requires 3 visits after the initial consultation and the total time from placing the implant until installing the final crown is 3-4 months.

Immediate implantation

In many cases the implant can be placed immediately after tooth extraction during the same visit.

Immediate implants have many benefits:

  • Shorter treatment time
  • Only one surgical procedure instead of two
  • Usually the end result is esthetically better


With immediate implants it is often possible to make a temporary crown at the same visit. This means that ther will be no toothless gap at all.

The prognosis for immediate implants is as good as with traditional implants. However, in same cases immediate implantation is not possible. For example acute infection and too low bone volume are contraindicatoins.

Materials of dental implants

Dental implants are made of titanium that is usually used in orthopedics. Titanium is biocompatible and integrates well into the jawbone and will not cause allergic or rejecting reactions.

Titanium implants have been used around the world already for several decades. We only use high quality implants from reputable Italian manufacturers.

Implant crowns are most often made of zirconia which is the strongest and most biocompatible material for implant crowns.

Sometimes we have to use biomaterials for bone augmentation in cases where the amount of bone has reduced. We mainly use 100% synthetic biomaterials which contain no animal parts.

How do you have to take care of the implant?

Home care is vital for the success of implant treatment.

Artificial root, implant, will be treated the same way as you would treat your own tooth. Regular brushing and cleaning of teeth and the gaps in between them is the cornerstone of home care. Our dental hygienist will brief on choosing right home treatment equipment.

Regular yearly or biannual checks will support dental health maintenance. Removing calculus and professional cleaning of teeth will have its part in reducing risk of infection in dental attachment tissues, and will reduce the risk of losing other teeth.

The price of dental implants

Offer: dental implants now starting from 1250 €.

Implant treatment is more difficult than regular dental care and requires special knowledge and skills from the dentist. The most important thing impacting on end result will be the knowledge of the dentist performing the procedure.

The price of the treatment will depend on the amount of bone and soft tissue. 

The final price of the treatment will also depend on unique needs, for example possible need for bone transplants. The price evaluation can only be done accurately after a dentist creates a personal treatment plan.

You can reserve a free consultation visit to our dentist in order to scope out your dental implant treatment, it can be done from our internet reservation service. In the consultation visit you will get a treatment plan and a price evaluation for the treatment.