Pioneer in Esthetic Dentistry and Dental Implantology

Dental Clinic MEDIDENT is located in the center of Helsinki. The clinic offers dental services of the highest quality in the field of esthetic dentistry and dental implantology.

The clinic is known for its unique and warm personal service, and also has an excellent reputation internationally, especially in the area of complex esthetic treatments.

Highly qualified dentists, dental hygienists, nurses and patient coordinators work closely together, thus ensuring a high quality of dental services and comfort for each patient.

Dr. Seppo LINDROOS, director of Medident is the Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is also General Secretary of European Society of Esthetic Dentistry and Country Chairman in Society.

Our work has been rewarded in the Finnish Quality Award Competition with an Honorary Recognition.  The President of Finland presented the Honorary Diploma to Dental Clinic Medident. Our clinic is the only health care organization in Finland, which has received this award.

In its feedback report the impartial group of evaluators nominated by the steering group of the Excellence Finland Competition stated the following:

“The company has gained an insight in the different and also changing needs of different customer groups. The service concept has been built and refined to correspond to the customers’ needs, and also to give the customers positive experiences which exceed their expectations. The results show that the company is the leader in its sector in Finland in customer oriented operations.”



We are proud to offer the latest methods and technology in esthetic dentistry that aims to create positive change in your teeth and smile.

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If you are considering adult orthodontics to straighten your teeth but are worried about wearing braces, it may be time to ask our dentist about other options.

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The missing tooth can be replaced with dental implant and esthetic crown. The result corresponds to the natural tooth.

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Our patient coordinator is your contact person at our clinic in all matters related to your treatment.

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Why choose us?

Thirty years in the forefrunt
Dental Clinic Medident has been in the forefront of esthetic dental care and artificial root technology for over thirty years. We have given both our Finnish and foreign customers beautiful, lasting and natural smiles.

Painfree experience
Our specialised dentists and competent dental care team are proud to give each of our patients a high-quality, pain-free treatment.

We are enthusiastic about our high-quality work and about the possibilities offered by modern esthetic dental care.
We have a passion for perfection.

State-of-the-art team
Our dental technicians and dental ceramists are among the leading specialists in their field.

Competence center
Our aim has been to create a competence center in the field of dentistry where we can offer our customers services fulfilling the highest standards.

For this uncompromising work Dental Clinic Medident was rewarded in the Finnish Quality Award Competition with an Honorary Recognition.  President Martti Ahtisaari presented the Honorary Diploma to Dental Clinic Medident. No other health care organization in Finland has received a similar recognition.

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