Medidentin Seppo Lindroos on hammasimplanttien ja esteettisen hammashoidon huippuosaaja.

Offer: Dental implant and crown 1100 € (norm. 2840 €)

A missing tooth can be replaced painlessly with a dental implant and an esthetic crown supported by it.

Medident is a dental clinic specialising in dental implants and esthetic dentistry.

We are pioneers in our field.
We offer dentistry requiring demanding esthetic treatments. Our work has been recognised with international certificates.
We use the most advanced treatment techniques in the world.
Our clinic is situated in central Helsinki.

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Free consultation in Helsinki

We arrange free consultation visits in order to give you a comprehensive picture of your situation and the treatment best suited to you.
The consultation visit does not bind you in any way, but its purpose is to give you a chance to familiarise yourself with our clinic and our personnel in peace.
The easiest way to book a free consultation visit with the head of our clinic dentist Seppo Lindroos is to make an online appointment or to call 0400 990750.

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Find the treatment best suited to your teeth.

Medident offers excellence in esthetic dentistry in the centre of Helsinki.

Keski-ikäinen nainen, jolla on hyvät hampaat

Offer: Dental implant for 1100 Euros.

Replacing a missing tooth without pain

A missing tooth can be replaced painlessly with a dental implant and an esthetic crown supported by it. Take advantage of the offer: dental implant and crown starting 1100 euros (norm. 2840 €)
Free consultation in Helsinki

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Esthetic dentistry

A beautiful smile irrespective of age

We are proud to be able to offer you the latest treatments of esthetic dentistry to ensure you the best smile.
We are specialising in dental implants and esthetic dentistry. Book a free consultation.

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Orthodontic treatment without braces

Orthodontic treatment will give back your smile

Read more about our state of the art methods , with which we can correct your teeth almost noticeably

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Whitening of teeth

Whitening of teeth is an effective way to make the natural colour of your teeth…

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Hampaat hoidettuna on helppo hymyillä. Kuvassa nainen hymyilee.

A painless dental implant operation to replace a missing tooth

Did you know that installing a dental implant is a painless operation when done correctly?…

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Hammaslääkäri hoitaa potilaan hammasta.

Digitally assisted dental implant surgery

A science reporter from daily Helsingin Sanomat visited Medident to find out about super-modern dental…

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