Visiting from abroad

More than one reason to visit our clinic in Helsinki, Finland.

Medical tourism has grown worldwide, and a big part of our clients come from abroad. At Medident we offer services of the highest standards, in accordance with strict European Union regulations, and provided by highly qualified professionals. Members of our team belong to the most demanding professional organisations in the world. The director of our clinic, Dr. Seppo Lindroos is a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a member of the board in European Society of Esthetic Dentistry. We are proud to work with the best.

Travelling from far away is often stressful. At Medident we will make you feel at home. Our team members are fluent in English, French and Russian and your dentist or other health professional will be able to explain to you about your proposed treatments.

The location of Medident is only ten minutes from the railway station and about 30 minutes from the airport, making your travelling time limited and safer.

Besides coming to improve your health and image you can enjoy what this wonderful Helsinki, the White City of the North has to offer. Helsinki is very friendly with lots of things to do, from great sightseeing and cultural life, to sports, international events and delicious food.

Our patient coordinator will give you advice on the best routes, transportation and parking spaces when you are coming to our clinic. She will also help you with accommodation and travelling, if necessary. She will also plan the schedule for your visits so that it will be flexible and suits your other timetables.

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