Inman Aligner – the new method in teeth straightening

Ingman Aligner is a modern method of esthetic dentistry, which makes crooked, crowded, gappy or twisted teeth a thing of the past!
Accelerated orthodontics addresses the straightening, spacing, closing of gaps and repositioning of your front teeth. This treatment involves a team of dental specialists that have been specifically trained in accelerated orthodontics.
The Inman Aligner is a wonderful and unique way of straightening teeth. It uses nickel titanium technology to very gently but constantly move teeth. It takes considerably less time than other types of orthodontic appliances – sometimes as quick as 4 weeks!


The advantages of our Inman Aligner treatmentThe main advantage of our Inman Aligner  treatment is that it generally has a much shorter treatment time than other invisible braces. Depending on how long you wear your appliance each day, it can take as little as six weeks, to sixteen.

Other advantages of our Inman Aligner treatment include:
The Inman Aligner is removable, so you can clean your teeth and eat normally.

Our Inman Aligner treatment is cheaper than other invisible brace treatments.
You only need one Inman Aligner brace to complete the treatment.
Your Inman Aligner will be pre-programmed to reduce the need for frequent adjustments, meaning less time in the dentist’s chair!



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