Services of the dental hygienists

Good oral hygiene is an essential part of maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. However, brushing your teeth and flossing do not remove discolouring and darkening or accumulations of tartar from your teeth.
Regular visits to the dental hygienist should be a part of your dental care routine; they prevent problems which you yourself may not be able to detect such as tartar, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), cavities or changes on the mucous membrane.

Did you know that inflammation of the gums is one of the most common reasons for teeth come off? Good mouth hygiene helps to keep your gums healthy and thus increase the lifespan of your teeth.

Dental hygienists in Medident

Our dental hygienists have an essential role in the total care of the mouth. They are professionals in dental care and they been especially trained to notice beginning problems, to maintain structures requiring special care such as implants and bridges; to clean the tooth surfaces to prevent cavities and to give you individual instructions for dental care at home.


  • Comprehensive mouth hygiene check-ups
  • Removal of plaque and tartar
  • Whitening/brightening of teeth
  • Removal of discolouring
  • Prevention of infections
  • Prevention of inflammation of the gums and cavities
  • Individual instructions for dental care at home

A visit to the dental hygienist

  • Examination of mouth hygiene
    Our dental hygienist examines your teeth and gums carefully and records possible infection, swelling and bleeding.
  • Removal of tartar and polishing of surfaces
    The dental hygienist removes accrued plaque and tartar with instruments suited for treating areas which you cannot reach in your daily dental care.  After this the surfaces of the teeth are polished with a special paste which cleans the teeth thoroughly and removes superficial discolouring.
  • Instructions for dental care at home
    Finally, the dental hygienist gives you instructions and cleaning techniques to improve your oral hygiene in between visits to the dental hygienist and gives you advice and special products to help you maintain better mouth hygiene and to keep your breath fresh.

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