Patient coordinator

Our patient coordinator is your contact person at our clinic in all matters related to your treatment.

She tends to all matters related to your treatment both at the clinic and outside it.

Our patient coordinator wishes your welcome to our clinic beginning with our first phone call to you. She ensures that your visit to our clinic will be a pleasant one and that you have received answers to all your questions before your visit. You can tell her all your possible worries or fears concerning the treatment you have considered.

The patient coordinator takes care of communication concerning your treatment at the clinic within the treatment team as well with outside parties such as Kela or the insurance companies. You can also handle payment-related matters with her.

The patient coordinator will give you advice on the best routes, transportation and parking spaces when you are coming to the clinic. She will also help you with accommodation and traveling, if necessary. She will plan the schedule for your visits so that it is flexible and suits your other timetables.

Our patient coordinator takes care of you!


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