Meaning of Smile

What your smile tells about you

A natural and beautiful smile is one of the most wanted features but unfortunately many people suffer because their teethare in a poor condition and look bad.

Poor teeth and gums may affect the qualityof your life, your self-confidence and also the way others see you, not tomention your health. As several patients tell us: “My teeth simply prevent mefrom enjoying life”.

Many people invest a lot time and money in exercising and their appearance in general, but the oral health is often forgotten.

Insufficient and irregular dental care which has lasted for years may lead to serious dental problems and problems affecting your health ingeneral.  In addition to this, time,wearing of your teeth and unesthetic fillings age your smile.

We will give you the smile of your dreams

Regardless of thecondition of your teeth we know how to give you the smile of your dreams. Esthetic dental care and the new implant techniques allow us to improve the oral healt hand make your teeth look younger even when your teeth have been damaged or in avery poor condition. We are used to demanding treatments with patients who havebeen told that nothing can be done for them anymore.

Natural result

When we are repairing your teeth andconstructing your new smile, our aim is always a natural result which means abalance between the teeth, the gums, the lips and the face.

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