Crowns and bridges

Grinding one’s teeth, changed occlusion, old fillings and cavities can lead to a lowering of the occlusion or to the breakage or chipping of a tooth.
Crowns and bridges are used when repairing a tooth, which is chipped, badly damaged by cavities or which has been removed.
With a crown it is possible to restore the original form and functioning of a single damaged tooth, whereas with a bridge we can replace one or more missing teeth.


A crown is often the solution when there is so little left of the broken or cavity-filled tooth that it cannot be filled with other means.

The crown also protects the tooth from chipping by supporting the remaining structure of the tooth.
The rapid development of using ceramics in dental care has made it possible to manufacture sustainable crowns and bridges, the colour of which fully corresponds to the tooth’s own natural colour. These bridges and crowns are the best way to return the tooth’s natural appearance. When we no longer have to use metal in the crowns, we also avoid the dark edges of the crowns which are often visible in old metal-ceramic crowns.


A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. A missing tooth has an effect on your appearance, changes your occlusion and adds the strain of occlusion on the neighboring teeth.
The bridge is supported by the teeth which are on both sides of the gap in the dental arch. These supporting teeth must be in good condition in order to give sufficient support to the bridge.

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