Ceramic laminates

A natural and beautiful smile is what most people want, but unfortunately many people suffer from the bad condition and appearance of their teeth. The teeth may be worn; their colour may be unpleasant, they may have splits, or they may be in an incorrect position.

The development of esthetic dentistry has introduced new, reliable ways to correct such problems easily and painlessly. The result is a natural, even and attractive smile.

The porcelain laminate is a very thin ceramic coating on front side of a tooth. Esthetic dental problems, such as the form, colour or aligning of a tooth, are easy to repair with laminates. The appearance of split or frequently filled teeth can also be restored with this method.

Whatever your wish or problem, we have a digital computer program with which we can simulate how the different treatment alternatives would affect your smile.

We have extensive experience of esthetic dental care. We at Medident have made ceramic laminates successfully for over twenty years.

The advantages of laminates

A naturally beautiful smile

As laminates are tailored for each patient, it is almost impossible to distinguish the result from the colour of the patient’s own teeth.

Laminates enable us to correct even very dark teeth to a beautiful white colour.

Misaligned teeth or spaces between teeth can be easily corrected with laminates.

Laminates do not get dyed

Correctly made laminates are not easily dyed by coffee, tea or tobacco, as they are made from a very glossy material.

Furthermore, the laminates do not change color over time.


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