Whitening of teeth

Whitening of teeth is an effective way to make the natural colour of your teeth as white as possible. Most of use would like to improve something in our appearance if it only were possible. Many people are not satisfed with their appearance, but they are not necessarily aware of all methods available for improvement.

Sometimes people wonder about changing their appearance – is it worth while? The answer to this question is absolutely yes. It is possible to reach a considerable change with even small-scale measures. This change will have a positive impact on how comfortable you feel about your body. Satisfaction with your appearance will improve your total well-being.

What causes discolouration of the teeth?

There many reasons for the discolouration of the teeth. Age and also our own lifestyle cause discolouration. Many foods and drinks we favour, such as tea, coffee and red wine will stain the surface of the teeth. Smoking also stains the teeth.

What should I know about teeth whitening?

Whitening of teeth is an effective way to make the natural colour of your teeth as white as possible without removing their own structure from the surface. Whitening cannot change the teeth’s own colour tone, but it will make their natural colour whiter securely.

How well the result of the whitening lasts varies, but often it will last from two to three years. Eating and lifestyle habits will have an effect on how well the result lasts.

Whitening of teeth – different methods available

The best and most secure result in teeth whitening will be obtained when it is performed by dental care professionals. There are two methods available for whitening.

The most effective method is in-office whitening administered at a dentist’s office. After the gums and soft tissue have been protected, the whitening gel placed on the tooth’s surface will be activated with a special light. The treatment will last approximately 1.5 hours and the result can be seen immediately after the treatment.

Teeth can also be whitened at home. During an at-home whitening appointment we will manufacture personal whitening moulds which patients will keep in their mouths for 30 to 60 minutes a day for about two three weeks.

The costs of whitening vary depending on the method used. The most expensive method is the in-office whitening. Our experienced oral hygienists will go over the whitening methods and help you choose the most suitable method for you. I will be happy to tell you more about teeth whitening, don’t hesitate to contact me!