Digitally guided implant surgery

Dental clinic Medident now offers its patients the newest dental implant technique in the field of dental implant surgery.

The head of Medident, dentist Seppo Lindroos uses fully digitally guided implant surgery in his work. This technique guarantees an extremely accurate, secure and less painful end result. Digitally guided implant surgery also requires less appointments and the recovery from the surgery is faster.

By combining three-dimensional digital radiography, 3D scanning and driver printing, we can draw up a virtual treatment plan and print out a surgical guide for the procedure. The fixing of an implant has never been as secure and accurate. Digitally assisted implant surgery is the best way to replace a missing tooth or a jaw totally devoid of teeth.

In all dental implant treatments, the implant is attached to the jaw bone where it replaces the root of the extracted tooth. A single crown can then be attached to the implant, whereas bridge can be attached to several implants. In  traditional surgery, the gum has to be opened and loosened from the jaw bone so that the implant can fixed in the correct position. In the digitally guided method, there is no need for this.

The safest and most effective examination method

With the newest CBCT (cone bean computed tomography) tehnique it is possible to create a three-dimensional image of the teeth and the jaw bone. The CBCT technique is the safest and most effective examination method. It has established a new quality standard in the planning of implant surgery.

When the CBCT image is combined with a digital copy made with an intra-oral camera, the dentist can print out a surgical guide already before the surgery. With the help of the guide, the implant can be precisely placed in its correct position and there is no need to cut the gum open.

Read the article in Helsingin Sanomat on digitally guided implant surgery in Medident (in Finnish).

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